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Preparedness Quick Tips for Specific Emergency Events

Select any of the hazards below to watch a short video and learn more about how to improve your preparedness for that type of event.


Fire Icon


Pull the fire alarm. Leave the building. Call Campus Emergency 301-405-3333.

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Snow Icon

Winter Weather

Stay home. Don't drive.

If you must go outside, dress in layers. Change wet clothes. Watch for hypothermia.

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Power Outage Icon

Power Outage

Keep a supply kit, including flashlight and batteries. Report the outage. Unplug equipment; keep fridge closed. Have a plan for replacing medication/medical applications.

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When a warning is issued, immediately seek shelter indoors. Stay away from trees, open fields, and downed powerlines.

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Tornado Icon


Go to an enclosed, windowless space or designated tornado shelter. Get under a table or heavy furniture. Wait for the all clear.

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Hurricane Icon


Prepare food and water. Stay low and away from windows and glass doors.

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Flood Icon

Flash Flood

Seek higher ground. Don't walk or drive through rising water.

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Earthquake Icon


Outside: Move to an open area.

Inside: Get under sturdy furniture and hold on or crouch in a doorway and protect your head.

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running person

Active Shooter


RUN away from the attacker or HIDE in a locked room/behind a large object. FIGHT the attacker if you are in immediate danger and are unable to RUN or HIDE.

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