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Who to Call?

If It's An Emergency

Police, Fire, or Medical Emergency

Including crime, hazard, traffic accident, chemical spill or leak, crime in progress

Important University Resources
Phone icon
Urgent or routine health matters
Clock icon
After hours nurse line, after 5:00 p.m./weekends


Facilities Management

Academic or administration buildings and campus grounds


Residential Facilities

Residence Halls, Fraternity/Sorority Chapter Houses

Accessibility Needs Accessibility icon

You should feel empowered to share your need for assistance during an emergency with a colleague, peer or faculty/staff member. Be specific about the assistance you need. Visit the accessibility page for more information. Call 301-405-3333 if you need emergency assistance.

Emergency Guide
Run icon

Active Shooter

RUN away from the attacker or HIDE in a locked room/behind a large object. FIGHT the attacker if you are in immediate danger and are unable to RUN or HIDE.

Bomb icon

Bomb Threat

If you receive the call, gather as much information as possible from the caller (who, what, when, where, why, and how). Report this information to 911 or 301-405-3333.

Shield lock icon

Cyber Security

Report any suspicious activity to DIT at 301-405-1500.

Earthquake icon


Find cover under a sturdy table/desk until the shaking stops. If unable to drop to the ground, cover your head with your arms. Do not evacuate the building unless you notice large structural cracks or are instructed to do so by emergency personnel. Watch for falling debris as you exit.

Fire icon


If you smell smoke or see fire, pull the closest fire alarm. Evacuate using the nearest stairwell/exit and proceed to a safe location away from the building. Do not use elevators when evacuating. If you are unable to evacuate, seek a location that provides refuge and call 911 to alert emergency responders to your location.

Flood icon


If the flooding is outside, seek higher ground and do not walk or drive through floodwater. If the flooding is inside the building, leave the area and report to Facilities Management at 301-405-2222.

Waste icon

Hazardous Material Spill

Avoid and isolate the spill area. Report an emergency spill to UMD Police at 301-405-3333.

Medical icon

Medical Emergency

Call 911 or 301-405-3333. Perform CPR and use AED as trained.

Power icon

Power Outage

Power down equipment and report the outage to Facilities Management at 301-405-2222.

Weather icon

Severe Weather/Tornado Warning

When directed by UMD Alerts, seek shelter in a windowless room, lowest level of the building, or interior stairwell without windows or exit doors. Stay in that location for the duration of the warning.

Package icon

Suspicious Package

Do not move or handle the package. Evacuate the area and call UMD Police at 301-405-3333.

Emergency preparedness is about being ready for what happens, learning from our experiences, and preparing better for the next event.

It takes ongoing effort from all of us to create and sustain an effective emergency preparedness program. You are your own best first responder—please use the resources found on this website as a resource to better understand your role in emergency preparedness at the University of Maryland, and how you can become part of and contribute to our preparedness community.

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