Emergency Contacts

Police/Fire/Medical: (301) 405 -3333 or 911

Police Non-Emergency: (301) 405-3555

University Health Center: (301) 314-8184

Snow Line: (301) 405-SNOW (7669)

Facilities Management: (301) 405-2222

Residential Facilities: (301) 314-7512

Environmental Safety: safety@umd.edu

UMD COVID-19 Information: https://umd.edu/virusinfo

Emergency Preparedness Quick Tips
Fire Icon

Get to the nearest exit. Stay low. Feel doors before opening.

Tornado Icon

Go to an enclosed, windowless space or designated tornado shelter. Get under a table or heavy furniture. Wait for the all clear.

Earthquake Icon

Outside - move to an open area.
Inside - get under sturdy furniture and hold on or crouch in a doorway and protect your head.

flash flood
Flash Flood

Seek higher ground. Don't walk or drive through rising water.