UMD Emergency Preparedness Course

The Office of Emergency Management has teamed up with UHR's Learning and Talent Development group to offer an emergency preparedness course to the entire UMD campus community. From instructional videos, to links, protective actions, and online tools, this information is critical for safety on campus. Prepare Your Shell!

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Individuals include all members of the campus community, such as students, faculty, staff, parents, and visitors. Learn about potential hazards and get prepared with suggestions and resources provided by the Office of Emergency Management.


Groups include departments and offices within the campus community.  Get professional services in developing and evaluating emergency plans.

Professional Services

Directors or Managers of campus departments or offices can start the process of developing or evaluating their emergency plans by scheduling an appointment with us now.

Contact us to receive guidance on plan development, to review and receive feedback, and gain access to other helpful emergency planning resources.

The Office of Emergency Management will work with your department or office to test and evaluate your plans with scenario-driven simulations.

Take Action

Potential Hazards include fire, weather events, medical emergencies, and suspicious packages. Each hazard is important to recognize and develop an emergency action plan to mitigate the potential risks or losses.

Preparedness is about knowing who to contact and where to go in your immediate and surrounding areas. View on and off campus resources here.

Be in the know with preparedness tips, events, and helpful apps. Follow our social media, mobile apps, and other communication channels.

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Office of Emergency Management

4716 Pontiac Street 
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upload and download forms & plans

For Emergency Management Council members only. Members can access EMC folders and files. 

UMD BOX: The UMD Document Portal

Get training through UMD Trained, and be prepared.

Get Training
Looking for First Aid, CPR, AED training? Want to test & evaluate your capabilities? Contact us to coordinate training & exercises.

signup and get emergency alert notifications at UMD Alert

Stay Alert!
Stay connected! Stay Safe!
Students, faculty, and staff should register their cell phones to receive text messages from UMD Alerts. 

get the app, stay aware, be informed!

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Download the UMD Guardian app to quickly and easily contact UMPD.
Safety timer, Panic call, or Text a tip.