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Continuity of Operations

Continuity of Operations (COOP), also referred to as business continuity, is the ability to continue to perform critical activities when normal operating conditions are disrupted (e.g., key staff are ill, the office loses power). The University System of Maryland (USM) requires COOP plans to ensure its institutions can maintain their critical functions when faced with unexpected challenges. Having a clear understanding of critical activities and a completed COOP plan helps university departments minimize downtime, reduce risks, and recover more swiftly when faced with unexpected challenges, thereby ensuring the continuity of their mission and services.

OEMBC created a template for departments to use when developing their COOP plans. The template focuses on their critical activities, which are defined as core functions, services, or operations that a department must continue (even during disruptions, emergencies, or adverse conditions) to meet its primary mission or objectives. These activities could be deferred for a short period of time, but at some point must resume.

Contact OEMBC for help with drafting and exercising your department’s continuity plan.

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