Training & Exercises

Training and Exercises


The Office of Emergency Management coordinates and conducts emergency management training throughout the year. The general emergency preparedness training includes an overview off campus resources, alerts and notifications, hazards and protective actions, and individual planning and preparedness. 

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) provides online independent study courses that you can take at your convenience. The courses provide great information on various emergency topics, such as Incident Command System (ICS), National Incident Management System (NIMS), Animals in Disasters, Citizen Preparedness, Workplace Violence Awareness Training, and more.

First Aid, CPR, & AED Training and the AED Program

Are you looking to receive First Aid, CPR, & AED training? Or to install or have maintenance on an AED? Click here to register for one of our upcoming trainings. 

The Fire Marshal’s Office provides scheduled training, as well as installation and maintenance of AEDs throughout the year. Click here for detailed information on the AED program.

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Exercises provide the opportunity for departments and offices to test and evaluate their mission critical capabilities. The goal of testing and evaluating is to enhance and strengthen capabilities to better respond to emergencies and incidents on campus. It also allows for departments and offices to increase their efficiency and coordination within and external to their department/office.

There are several types of exercises. Types of exercises include: seminar, workshop, tabletop (discussion-based); and games, drill, functional, and full-scale exercises (operations-based). The amount of time to plan and implement an exercise depends on the type of exercise and scope. Most exercises will require a small exercise planning team from participating departments, planning meetings, and resources. After the exercise, OEM will assist in the after-action by providing recommendations to improve your operations.  If your department or office is interested in participating in an exercise, please contact us.

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