September is National Preparedness Month

September is National Preparedness Month. This year's theme will focus on planning, with an overarching theme of "Disasters don't plan ahead. You can." 
During the month of September, the Office of Emergency Management will promote various ways to be prepared for emergencies, both expected and unexpected incidents. We encourage the entire UMD community to know your resources and be prepared!
For the latest information regarding Hurricane Irma and preparedness tips, please visit Know the latest of Hurricane Irma. Plan ahead! Visit
We will be at the First Look Fair on September 13 and 14. Stop by our table to learn about emergency preparedness, UMD Alerts, pick up a free UMD customized cooling towel (limited amount), and a chance to win an Emergency TerpKit!
The 2017-2018 Emergency Preparedness Pocket Guide is now available online, as well as hard copy. This pocket guide is a quick reference for emergency and non-emergency numbers, protective actions, general tips, and includes two reusable coupons to Mulligan's Grill and Pub (10% of entire check) and Samovar (.50 off any noodle bowl).
Quick Tips For All:
1. Register your cell phone to receive UMD Alerts
3. Be connected with social media accounts
    Twitter: @PreparednessUMD
    YouTube (For instructional videos):  University of Maryland Office of Emergency Management       
5. Make plans and practice them
6. Build and customize emergency kits for the workplace, home, and car
Quick Tips For Departments:
The Office of Emergency Management has developed a Department Emergency Operations Plan (DEOP) template that departments can use to start making a plan. Please visit for the template. Feel free to contact our office if you have any questions. 
To be informed and learn about ways to be prepared, please visit our website at and be sure to engage with us on our social media platforms. For more information on National Preparedness Month and FEMA Ready resources, please visit

upload and download forms & plans

For Emergency Management Council members only. Members can access EMC folders and files. 

UMD BOX: The UMD Document Portal

Get training through UMD Trained, and be prepared.

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Looking for First Aid, CPR, AED training? Want to test & evaluate your capabilities? Contact us to coordinate training & exercises.

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Stay connected! Stay Safe!
Students, faculty, and staff should register their cell phones to receive text messages from UMD Alerts. 

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