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The Office of Emergency Management (OEM) manages the university emergency plans and provides assistance to departments and offices to develop their emergency plans. 

Individual members of the campus community can coordinate with the OEM to connect with campus resources for emergency preparedness planning.

Planning For Individuals

Individual and family preparedness is critical to our overall university preparedness and how we manage emergencies and incidents. A few ways that you can help prepare yourself and your family is to make a plan, build a kit, and be informed! Ready.gov provides several resources to help you become more prepared.

Persons with Disabilities

Preparedness for Persons with Disabilities

  1.  Notify a director or department head if you use a particular building on a regular basis.
  2.  Notify a Resident Director or Resident Assistant in residence halls, or a House Director in Greek houses if you are a resident.
  3.  Identify someone who might provide assistance in leaving the building and/or who will inform emergency management personnel of your presence and where you are located. Rescue is the fire department’s first priority.

Planning with Disabilities

  • Individuals who need assistance during an evacuation, even temporarily (due to broken leg, illness, medications, etc.) should plan in advance.
  • It is important to be aware of your own capabilities and limitations.
  • For assistance with planning for emergencies with a disability, contact the Fire Marshal’s Office at firemarshal@umd.edu or 301-405-3960.
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Campus Emergency Plans

The university’s emergency operations plan (EOP) outlines the university’s emergency planning, organization, response and coordination for managing emergencies and incidents that affect the campus. The university EOP is supported by additional plans such as the Campus Infectious Disease Management Plan, Snow Plan, Communications Plan, and individual departmental emergency operations plans. Departments and offices can review a copy of university EOP on the Confluence website.

Campus Infectious Disease Management Plan

The Campus Infectious Disease Management Plan (CIDMP) replaces the Avian Flu Pandemic Plan. The CIDMP is broader to the various types of infectious disease (i.e. pandemic influenza, meningitis, measles, etc.). This new plan describes the university’s preparedness and response activities regarding infectious disease. It outlines the three new levels used to guide the university’s response, as well as outlines departments’ roles and responsibilities. This plan was developed based on the expertise of the members of the Campus Infectious Disease Management Committee (CIDMC) and incorporates guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the American College Health Association (ACHA). To learn more about infectious disease, you can visit the University Health Center online or call (301) 314-8184.

Campus Infectious Disease Management Committee can access CIDMP documents by visiting UMD Box.

Department Emergency Operations Plans

The Office of Emergency Management (OEM) provides assistance to departments to develop: 

It is important that each department is prepared to manage emergencies and continuity at the department level.

The DEOP is guidance document and is flexible to adapt to your departments needs. The plan should be adaptable to all hazards, that is, various scenarios that range from simple to complex. All DEOPs serve as annexes to the university emergency operations plan (EOP).

To complete your DEOP, download the document here. Be sure to review the first few pages which provides instructions on how to complete your DEOP and preparedness guidance. If you would like to meet to review the plan or if you have any questions, please contact us. If you already have a DEOP and would like for the Office of Emergency Management to review it, please contact us to setup a review process.

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For Emergency Management Council members only. Members can access EMC folders and files. 

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